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Mama Murphy: a poem

Oh, Mama Murphy… She is something truly unique. There is no other NPC in whole Fallout 4 that fills me with such emotions. She is so special, I even dedicated a poem to her. You wanna hear it? Don’t care, here it goes:

A poem for Mama Murphy

You often come into my dreams,

I then wake up with shouts and screams.

There’s no one in the world that creeps me so,

Not ghouls, nor deathclaws will ever do.


In Sanctuary, I hid you in a secret place,

I never dare to come and see your face.

You should be wise,

You should be queer,

But all I wish is you disappear.


The Matrix Oracle you are not,

Though I could use a mod to make you hot.

Much bad,very scary, so worry now,

Cite the Doge, he says “WOW”!

Mama Murphy is pleased

A big side note: the initial intent for this article was to review two mods which would greatly improve Mama Murphy: Immersive Mama Murphy and Mama Murphy’s Chair Redone. Unfortunately the author of the former mod has taken it down, reason being: “People are ungrateful and annoying”. I missed the whole conversation and what has actually angered DaveBoss so much, but it is a shame as the mod was an great face retexuture. Let’s hope that the author softens up and makes the mod available again. It is not something game changing, but it doesn’t need to be. There are so many small mods that when put together transform FO4 in an amazing way.

As for eskanonen’s Mama Murphy’s Chair Redone, you can still download it from its mod page found here. It changes Mama Murphy’s rather generic chair into a very close version to the one in the character’s concept art. It is a really flavourful addition and something that looks quite Fallout-y. I was not able to run it through, but I’m 100% sure it’s due to an issue with my NNM installation. So not much of a mod review this time. But hey, you can still enjoy some bad poetry.