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One hour one life, one of the most original MMOs is now available

A true MMO in concept and vision, One hour one life is out today. Developed(almost entirely) by a single person, Jason Rohrer, one of the game’s main hooks, as the title suggest is that your character has a lifespan of one real-life hour. At max, that is. You are born, you grow old, trying to survive, you inevitably die. Just like real life. Damn it, why are games becoming so depressingly realistic?

As you probably suspect, sixty minutes won’t get you very far. The idea is to work with other players and achieve as much as possible, helping the whole community grow and advance. This principle is set right at the beginning as you are born as another player’s baby and it is up to that player to(hopefully) take care of you until you are old enough to do it yourself.

I wonder if cyber Social services is going to be a thing

As the game goes on the players will be able to advance technologically. The server starts out in basically the Stone age, but the stars are the limit as the plan is to be able to get to the sci-fi, pew pew lasers kind of stuff eventually. The game’s creator plans to steadily introduce new content as the server progresses, always being a step ahead of the players like some kind of an omnipotent Cyber-god.

You can check the game’s (quite charming) trailer here:

Aaand you can buy the game directly from the game’s site. Let’s see what cooky and awesome stories this game will bring.