You are currently viewing 5 games you should DEFINITELY play on St. Valentine’s day

5 games you should DEFINITELY play on St. Valentine’s day

Ok, guys, this time seriously! Yeah, yeah, it’s St. Valentine’s day. Love is in the air, the birds are singing… SCREW.THIS. Tonight we are playing some games, and not just any games, the adrenaline pumping , blood boiling type of games, no lovey dovey kind of stuff. ‘Cuz we are all out of bubblegum, so the only thing we can do about it is to kick some ass! Lets begin, 5 games you should DEFINITELY play on St. Valentine’s day:

5. Doom(2016)

Strap on your armor, put on your helmet and do not forget to load your shotgun! Demons have invaded Mars and the only thing standing between humanity and eternal damnation is you. Fast paced, gory and tons of fun, this game will test your reflexes and make you shout in excitement while you slay those pesky interdimensional creatures. You also get the metallest soundtrack to go along with the carnage you will doubtlessly instill.

4. Diablo 3

I did poke some fun about the kinda crappy release of Diablo 2 in my previous article. While Diablo 3 was in an arguably even worse state initially, it has come around to become a classic ARPG title. The action in the game is fast and has a good and meaty feeling. Everything is skillfully animated, from the movement, to the different attack skills. To be honest, there not as much depth in character building as in other similar titles(ahem… Path of Exile.. ahem), but this puts all the focus on the truly amazing combat the game has. And let’s not forget all the shiny stuff the D3 constantly throws at you. Good stuff!

3. Need for Speed: Underground 2

Another classic that needs little introduction. It was a tough battle between Underground 2 and Most Wanted for the spot, but at the end the neon in the trunk won!

Underground 2 is, to this day, one of the best games in the series. The car selection is great, and what’s more important it feels awesome to drive them around the open city. The customization is also something that set apart the game at the time. Rich and sometimes extravagant, it will let you create the most eccentric, neon lighted, hydraulics jumping ride you can ever have. Oh, and the soundtrack, that soundtrack! Snoop Dogg and The Doors?! They don’t do soundtracks like this anymore, man!

2. GTA V

The fast cars are here, too. Only this time you get to steal them!

Embark the life of a true criminal and do whatever you want in the land of Los Santos. Steal cars, rob banks or just cause some mayhem and lead the cops in a high speed chase. Or just go hiking, diving or parachute jumping. Or enjoy the solid, satirical story, that rarely takes itself too seriously.

GTA V is full of possibilities and each one of them is greatly enjoyable!

1. Warframe

One of the best F2P games that have ever graced the digital world! At first glance it seems Warframe has it all. Amazing combat? Check. Great guns? Check. Weird alien characters, that look as they belong to some sort of a fetish sex group? Ummm, also check???

Dig deeper and the game will also offer tons of customization, different play styles and lots and lots of stuff to unlock. Warframe can easily occupy all your time and attention and it will pay you double for that. Oh, and speaking of paying, you do not have to give a penny in order to enjoy it(no, seriously, no F2P traps). Just don’t get too surprised if you end up watching frame build guides or reading about how to best grind for something, the game does that to people!

St. Valentine’s day can be just a date on the calendar, but gaming, gaming is for life. So do not forget to enjoy yourself, with or without a significant other. At the end, it is the loot that matters!